Transport for London Safety Trials

TRANSPORT Safety Benefits

Transport for London (TfL) and Barclays Cycle Superhighways carried out a four week trial of various HGV safety technology, as part of the City of London’s ongoing commitment to cycle safety in the Capital. The trial identified that Backwatch HGV safety technology provides a double benefit:

  • Primary Benefit: Reduces the number of HGV / cyclist collisions, and;
  • Secondary Benefit: Reduces vehicle damage (from other powered vehicles and street furniture) thereby reducing costs and insurance premiums.

Road deaths are not accidents. They have causes and can all be avoided.

Operators and drivers concluded that the introduction of safety technology to their HGV vehicles was a positive step in helping to reduce incidents between HGVs and cyclists. The cost of fitting a heavy goods vehicle with sensors, camera and audible alert is a small price to pay for a reduction in casualties and loss of life.

Trial Findings

  • One hundred percent of operators felt there would be a benefit to their company or companies  if their drivers used blind spot detection equipment.
  • Ninety one percent of operators surveyed found the HGV safety technology easy to use.
  • The Backwatch system was one hundred percent reliable with no break downs during trial.
  • Drivers and operators found the systems discreet, not distracting, and a good prompt to check mirrors.