Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), NEW!

Invaluable additional eye for the driver, to warn of potentially dangerous situations, for example, lane drifting to help avoid side swipes, imminent collision warning, headway monitoring – a traffic jam assistance, monitoring vehicles in front, alerting when they start to move. All the time recording in full 1080 HD, so if the worst does happen, evidence is available to defend for insurance purposes.


  •          FCW – forward collision warning
  •          LDW – lane departure warning
  •          HMW – headway monitoring
  •          Dimension – 100x82x42mm
  •          1080 High definition camera
  •          16G micro SD included
  •          2.4” LCD colour display
  •          Frame rate – 27FPS
  •          Internal microphone
  •          Optional
  • o   Additional driver display
  • o   Vibration alert
  • o   Security lock