BIG TICK - Wireless Container / Trailer Tracker

BIG TICK Container/ Trailer Tracker (product code BIG TICK)

BIG TICK a long battery life tracker that has been primarily designed for the tracking of shipping containers or other similar assets. It is available as a tracker housed in an IP68 rated plastic box and/or with an additional metal housing that can be purchased to secure the tracker externally to an asset by welding it in place.

The container tracker uses our popular TICK tracker mobile application, container trackers can be seen alongside TICK tracking units in the same account, with the benefit of up to 10 years battery life between charges.

Monitor asset movements in real time including adding defined or guarded areas, display history of recorded events, gain evidence of unauthorised movement.

BIG TICK boasts 5 changeable operation modes including, activated by motion, pursuit and standby. BIG TICK can be easily and remotely adjusted to suit your needs or situation.



  • No installation – works straight from the box
  • Internal Antenna
  • IP68
  • Automatic and immediate display of movements on laptop or mobile
  • Long battery life – up to 10 years between charges
  • Dimensions 89 x 74 x 41 mm
Suitable for:


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