A Wide range of flashing beacons to suit all vehicle types and budgets, from low cost rotating halogen to long life, low energy consumption LED type. Both single bolt and magnetic

  • Magnetic rated to 70mph
  • 5 year warranty LED
  • 2 year warranty rotating halogen
  • EMC
  • Reg 65
  • Polycarbonate lens
Suitable for:


Backwatch sensor systems have been approved by the Safe Load Pass scheme enabling installation on vehicles transporting dangerous cargo such as petrol tankers, and are also accredited with the following European approvals:

95/54/EC Emissions
ISO TR 10605 ESD Radiated emissions to 200v/m
ISO 7637 Radiated emissions
CIS PR 25 Conducted emissions
E4-020207 CE and E mark
TUV Approval E4*72/245955420600