“Units that we have fitted to our horse box and prison vans are working well and the feedback from users has been positive”. Backwatch have provided vehicle sensor systems to police forces and emergency services more...
Lothian and Borders Police

Vehicle Tracker

Tracking solutions for your Fleet and more. BackWatch provide several excellent trackers to suit all needs. Our contract tracker has the latest fleet management tools to monitor and record the movements of you vehicles. Including driver style and hours reports a great aid to compliance and reducing costs. Our NEW TICK trackers are wireless and come in either standard or container / trailer versions. No wiring, no minimum contract. ideal for hire vehicles, assets and even the kids.

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    BIG TICK - Wireless Container / Trailer Tracker

    BIG TICK a long battery life tracker that has been primarily designed for the tracking of shipping containers or other similar assets. It is available as a tracker housed in an IP68 rated plastic box and/or with an additional metal housing that can be purchased to secure the tracker externally to an asset by welding it in place.

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    Hard Wired Tracker - (NC)

    GPS/ GSM/ GPRS hard wired vehicle tracking device, real time tracking and monitoring by time, distance and smart mode.

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    TICK Multi purpose Tracker

    TICK is a portable GPS tracker, that can be used virtually anywhere that comes to mind. Whether it's vehicles, children, monitoring participants of extreme sports or organising people in the field. You will find a use for TICK.