“The Backwatch system has been a very useful piece of equipment and has helped City-Link save lots of money in accidents and incidents. Our reversing accidents are at an all time low since its introduction. more...
City Link

Warning Alarms

External alarms specifically alert passers-by and cyclists to keep clear of manoeuvring vehicle. Alert cyclists and pedestrians of vehcile manouevering. Alarms include reversing and turning alarms as well as night / silent units.

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    Multi Frequency Reverse Alarms

    New range of Multi-Frequency Alarms. Avoid noise pollution created by conventional reverse alarms. Self-adjusting Alarms delivering volume at 5dB above ambient noise level.

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    Night Reduction & Night Silent Reverse Alarms

    Night Reduction and Night Silent reverse alarms. Avoid noise pollution without compromising safety standards. Both retain BEEP BEEP reverse alarm.

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    Reverse Alarm

    Reverse alarm ideal for warning pedestrians and cyclists when your vehicle is reversing. Audible standard tone or "Sh Sh" tone available.

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    Turning Alarm

    Turning / reverse alarm. Warning those in your blind spot that you are turning. Spoken alert available in left and right.

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    Turning Alarm Advanced

    Turning / reverse alarm with spoken warning, flashing amber light. Insure that other road users are aware of your intention to turn even if they are unable to hear.