Since adding Backwatch systems they have more than paid for themselves in damage claims that weren’t our fault.
Michael Kent, Aasvogel

Warning Alarms

External alarms specifically alert passers-by and cyclists to keep clear of manoeuvring vehicle. Alert cyclists and pedestrians of vehcile manouevering. Alarms include reversing and turning alarms as well as night / silent units.

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    Multi Frequency Reverse Alarms

    New range of Multi-Frequency Alarms. Avoid noise pollution created by conventional reverse alarms. Self-adjusting Alarms delivering volume at 5dB above ambient noise level.

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    Night Reduction & Night Silent Reverse Alarms

    Night Reduction and Night Silent reverse alarms. Avoid noise pollution without compromising safety standards. Both retain BEEP BEEP reverse alarm.

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    Reverse Alarm

    Reverse alarm ideal for warning pedestrians and cyclists when your vehicle is reversing. Audible standard tone or "Sh Sh" tone available.

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    Turning Alarm

    Turning / reverse alarm. Warning those in your blind spot that you are turning. Spoken alert available in left and right.

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    Turning Alarm Advanced

    Turning / reverse alarm with spoken warning, flashing amber light. Insure that other road users are aware of your intention to turn even if they are unable to hear.