Tick Tracker For Triathletes.

Our boast is always that our lightweight and waterproof GPS Tick tracker can be used for all manner of applications. But the way one of our customers put it and themselves to the test recently really proves this.

When the corona virus meant that John was unable to take part in Ironman Barcelona, he decided to go it alone and complete the full Ironman distance triathlon in his local lockdown area. John Price from Bridgend said ” I had put in a lot of training and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste”. “I always use the Tick tracker when I go out on long rides. It was a great asset on the day I did my triathlon, my coach and family had real time access to my location on their phones. They were able to predict when I would be in certain places. Members of my triathlon club and kickboxing school could join me for part of the distance for support”.

The waterproof nature meant that John was able to use the tracker on the 2.4 mile sea swim as well as on the 112 mile bike course and 26.2 mile run.

The Tick is ready to go from the box. There is no ongoing contract.

John raised £2580 for the National Coast watch Institution – Porthcawl.

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