Backwatch 2019 – A Year in review

As 2019 draws to a close we take a look back. In a year that will be remembered for the ups and downs of Brexit, Direct Vision Standard and low emissions zones Backwatch have continued to add to their extensive range of Commercial Vehicle Safety Products.

The start of the year saw the introduction of the Backwatch BW-BVR combined camera and sensor system. In a response to the changes in FORS version 5 whereby side cameras are now required and customer feedback that they were mindful of driver distraction from too many in cab alerts, Backwatch delivered a solution. With both a top down schematic of a vehicle with traffic light sensor alerts and camera view on one 9” monitor the BVR quickly became a popular choice for Transport Managers looking for both safe operations and compliance. BVR can take up to 16 sensors covering front sides and rear of vehicles and up to 8 cameras when combined with a DVR recording system. The system was officially launched at the CV Show in April where it was on display for customers to see in operation.

2019 also saw the introduction of the Big Tick – trailer and container tracking device. With the Tick already popular for wirelessly tracking assets such as cars, vans, motorhomes and even mobility scooters the Big Tick gave the ability to track with up to 10 years between battery charges. Ideal for assets that aren’t seen regularly the Big Tick gives accurate real time and historic GPS tracking, geo fence facility, remote manipulation via mobile phone, laptop tablet etc. and with no wires it is easy to install and less prone to being located by thieves.

In October the Backwatch Radar sensor system was added to the range after a month-long trial on a Renault T range working in London. Covering both sides, comprising of two radar sensors mounted on the front side of the vehicle. Sensors detect traffic approaching at a faster rate than the fitted unit at a range of 0 – 25m. Including led visual alert and audible buzzer warnings the BBR is perfect for FORS, DVS compliance as well as an invaluable aid for companies with a safety conscious ethos.

Backwatch wish to thanks all customers and suppliers for a fantastic 2019 and look forward to supporting you again in 2020.