MOT Test Changes 20th May 2018


MOT testing is about to change. On Sunday 20th May this year changes will be made to the test across Wales, England and Scotland. Affecting cars, motorcycles, vans and other light passenger vehicles changes include a tightening of rules on diesel emissions, new defect types and exemptions for specific vehicles that are over forty years old.

There are five main changes:-

1. Emissions from diesel cars with particulate filter to be subject to stricter rules.

2. Environmental Risk assessment such as contamination of brake fluid and fluid leakage.

3. New categorisation of defects – Minor, Major and Dangerous.

4. Design change of MOT certificate – any defects found listed under the afore motioned new defect categories.

5. Exemption of vehicles over forty years old that have no substantial changes. This will cover cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles.

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