Should Lorries use the bus lane? – Two sides to the story.

Economy and transport Secretary Ken Skates is to consider allowing HGV’s to use bus lanes on welsh roads under certain circumstances. The idea was put forward by Traffic Commissioner for Wales Nick Jones in his first annual report to the Welsh Assembly.

This announcement had met mixed reviews.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans has concerns that this move could endanger the lives of cyclists who also use the bus lanes, stating bus lanes form an important part of cycling infrastructure.  Natasha Withey from Sustrans said “To improve traffic flow, cities need to reduce the number of vehicles on the road through encouraging more people to use alternative means to get around, not discourage cyclists through making their dedicated infrastructure unsafe.”

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) in comparison has welcomed the idea but has stressed the need for planned investment in roads and infrastructure.

A spokesman for the RHA commented “only last week during snowmageddon we saw how quickly supermarket shelves emptied because trucks couldn’t get through in time”.

FTA is “delighted that the Welsh Government is seriously considering this proposal”. “Making better use of valuable road space by allowing trucks to use bus lanes not only eases congestion, but helps to keep delivery costs down and ensures food and other vital supplies arrive on time at our shops and homes, something that benefits everyone”.

Discussions will take place over the next year with highways groups including the traffic commissioner for Wales, who is directly responsible for licensing HGV operators and buses. Conclusions to the talks due 2019.


Source : BBC Wales