What you need to know about using your phone while driving!

So it was already illegal to use your mobile phone while driving however tougher punishments were introduced on March 1st 2017. 

The result of being caught using a mobile phone while driving is now a £200 fine and a hefty six points on to your license. 

New drivers will lose their license if caught with a hand-held device behind the wheel, not to mention the substantial cost on their pocket. 

New drivers have their licenses revoked if they clock up six penalty points in their first two years on the road, rather than the normal 12 points. 

While you are allowed to use fully hands-free phones while driving you are forbidden from  touching or picking it up, even for a second. Police still have the power to stop drivers if they believe that they are distracted by their hands-free mobile phone. 

If the case goes to court, they could face disqualification and an up to a £1,000 fine.

HGV and PSV drivers caught holding a phone while driving could get an up to £2,500 fine. Caught twice or clocking up 12 point on their licence will take the driver to magistrates court and being disqualified for at least six months.

Employers may also face action from a traffic commissioner if the driver is found to have been using a mobile to speak to employers or customers while driving.

 Do your drivers play by the rules? 

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References from FTA (Freight and logistics magazine)